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Taxable payments annual report

Prepare and lodge your client's TPAR, view and amend previously lodged TPARs and submit TPAR non-lodgment advice.

Last updated 3 October 2023

Lodge – TPAR

To lodge:

  • select a client
  • select Lodgment then Taxable payments annual report
  • at Not lodged
  • select Prepare or select Resume to be navigated to a saved draft TPAR form
  • select the year
  • select Account if there is more than one account use the drop-down menu
  • at Contact details, enter the relevant contact, you or the payer, if we have any questions – you'll need to enter the payer's trading name, but if you're the contact you can enter your contact details
  • select Add – a maximum of 20 payees can be added
  • select Payee type – Sole trader or Business
  • type their ABN – this will provide the payee legal name and ABN
  • type the business name as it appears on the payee's invoice – it may differ to the payee's legal name
  • type phone number, email and address
  • at Bank details type BSB and account number
  • at Payments type Total GST, Gross amount paid
  • at Is this a grant payment select 'Yes' or 'No' – if yes, type the name of the grant payment
  • select either
    • Save and exit – draft copy will save all information and navigate to the Draft confirmation page
    • select Submit – the payee details will display and you can edit or delete before you submit. You can then continue to enter the next payee, up to a maximum of 20 payees
  • select edit or delete if you need to update or remove a payee's details before you lodge
  • select Print friendly version to print or save a copy for your records, before you submit
  • when you have completed adding payees select the declaration then Submit.

You can commence and save up to 10 TPAR forms to be completed at a later date. Each form will be saved for a maximum of 90 days.

You can delete an unwanted saved TPAR form.

Submit a TPAR non-lodgment advice

To submit:

  • select a client
  • select Lodgment then Taxable payments annual report
  • at Not lodged select 'If you don't need to lodge for a listed financial year, submit a non-lodgment advice' link
  • select the year, or multiple years, or select 'Do not need to lodge future taxable payments annual report'
  • complete mandatory fields
  • select the declaration then Submit.

View or amend – TPAR

To view or amend:

  • select a client
  • select Lodgment then Taxable payments annual report
  • reports will be listed by financial year
  • select History
  • reports from 2012–13 onwards, including non-lodgment advice, will be listed with the assessment, lodgment date and receipt ID, you cannot view the details of the lodged report
  • select Prepare/Amend if an amendment or new report needs to be made.

If you need details in the lodged report and don't have a saved copy, phone us with the receipt ID to request a copy.