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Last updated 3 October 2023

How to view, update and remove functions within the Profile menu.

Maintain authorisations
Prepare to act on behalf of your client by checking you have the appropriate signed authority to do so.

Client details
View and update your client's details.

Client addresses
View and update your client's addresses.

Email addresses
View, add, update and delete activity statement account email addresses.

Authorised contacts
View authorised contacts for all of your clients' accounts and roles.

View details of your client's associates, including the associate's name and position held.

Financial institution details
View and update the financial institution details and accounts for your clients.

Manage credit/debit card details
View, add, update and delete credit/debit card details for your clients.

Tax registrations
View, add, update or cancel your client's tax registrations for a role or account.

Communication preferences
Learn how to set or update your client's communication preferences, including activity statement lodgment notifications.

Communication history – client summary
Use communication history at the client summary to view or send messages relevant to your client.

New message
Send messages to us for a client using the client summary will automatically populate your client's details in the message.

Historical transactions – client summary
Check the status of enquiries you have made with us on behalf of your client.