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Last updated 3 October 2023

You can securely send messages to us for a client. Sending a message from the Client summary, instead of from Practice mail, will automatically populate your client's details in the message.

To create and send a message:

  • select a client
  • select Profile then New message
  • select Topic or View more topics for a further list of topics
  • select Subject
  • at Message provide the relevant details and attach any files relevant for your request. The message is limited to 4,000 characters and a maximum of 6 files up to 6MB each
  • enter an email address (optional). If you have email notifications set for your practice mail the address will pre-populate. If not, you can enter an email address to receive messages about this request in your inbox
  • select the Declaration
  • select Send. If you no longer want to send the message select cancel, any unsaved information will be lost.

You'll receive an ATO receipt ID when the message has successfully been sent. You'll need to quote this number when enquiring with us about the request.