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Practitioner lodgment service user guide

How to use the practitioner lodgment service (PLS) to support your SBR-enabled software documentation.

Last updated 17 June 2024

The practitioner lodgment service (PLS) is an online lodgment channel for tax and BAS agents (registered agents).

What to do before you start, including having SBR-enabled software and Access Manager and myGovID.

There are some things you need to know before you start using the PLS to lodge.

You can use the PLS to lodge most returns, forms, activity statements and schedules.

More detailed information about common forms and schedules.

Describes the service functions the PLS provides. The availability of these services will depend on your software.

Tax practitioner client management reports (TPCMR) are available through the PLS.

Your software examines your data for errors and won't allow the data to be transmitted until you have corrected it.