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Confirmation of lodgment transmission response

Learn about different types of confirmation of lodgment.

Last updated 13 November 2023

Confirmation, error or warning message

When you lodge through the PLS, you should receive one of the following:

  • confirmation the lodgment has been accepted
  • an error message, if it has been rejected.

You may also receive warning messages. These are informative only and won't prevent lodgment.

The PLS uses real-time validation checking. This means that you will get a message for every tax return, activity statement or form you lodge.

For more information on how transmissions are recorded in your software, contact your digital service provider.

You can also refer to Transaction and response times.

Lodgment reference number

Lodgment reference responses will vary among software packages. Contact your digital service provider for details for your software package.

Transaction and response times

Transaction and response times in the PLS may vary depending on:

  • your software
  • your internet connection
  • the number of lodgments or requests being submitted.

Complex forms and large batches may take longer to lodge.