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Pre-lodge checks (validation of forms)

Last updated 13 November 2023

Pre-lodge checks confirm details and highlight any discrepancies before you lodge. Pre-lodge checking may also be called a validation check in your software.

Checks are designed to ensure the integrity of the data transmitted to us. These checks ensure that returns are correct and, as far as possible, data will be accepted for processing by our systems.

Pre-lodge checks may be built into your software. These checks perform tests on the data before lodgment and advise you of any errors.

The simplest example of this process is the check for an invalid TFN. If you use a TFN that is invalid, your software should alert you. You must correct the TFN before you transmit the return.

If you use pre-lodge checking well before your clients' lodgment due dates, you can ensure that you have enough time to correct or verify any discrepancies and lodge on time.

You can complete a pre-lodge check before seeking your client's declaration to lodge the form.