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Prior-year returns

The PLS enables you to lodge most prior-year returns but there are some limits to PLS functionality.

Last updated 13 November 2023

The pre-fill, pre-lodge and interactive return checking is not available for prior year lodgments.

You may need to refer to your software supporting documentation or contact your digital service provider to determine the prior-year returns that can be lodged by your software.

After lodging using this service, you should receive a message receipt. Treat this receipt as confirmation of your lodgment. The lodgment should appear in your lodgment report or in Online services for agents.

To avoid duplicate lodgment and delayed processing, don't attempt to re-lodge a return unless we direct you to – even if the lodgment does not show up on your lodgment report.

If you have received that message receipt and your lodgments are still not appearing in your lodgment report or in Online services for agents after 12 days, and we have not contacted you about your lodgments, contact the registered agent phone line on 13 72 86 Fast Key Code 1 3 1 1.