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What we do with your OSfA feedback

How you can provide feedback about Online services for agents and what we do with your feedback.

Last updated 25 August 2020

We developed Online services for agents (OSfA) in collaboration with you and your professional associations. Many of the enhancements we make are due to your feedback. We want you to continue to provide feedback about how we can improve the service.

How to provide feedback

Select the Give us feedback link located at the bottom of each screen in OSfA. Provide as much detail as possible.

Our troubleshooting page lists issues we know about that may prevent you from completing an action in the system. We update this page when an issue has been resolved. Before providing your feedback, check this page to see if an issue is already listed.

Using your feedback

We use your feedback to:

  • fix identified issues (like those listed on the troubleshooting page)
  • investigate whether improvements can be made to the system.

While we can't respond to all feedback we receive, we may contact you if we need to clarify your feedback.

Outcomes from feedback

All system changes are prioritised within our schedules of system maintenance, major system updates and system fixes.

You can keep up-to-date with the system enhancements we are planning by subscribing to our Tax professionals newsletter.

For a quick summary of enhancements we have made, view our Key changes page.

Co-designing Online services for agents

When co-designing the Online services for agents (OSfA) system, we used your feedback on issues with the now closed tax and BAS agent portals to refine the functionality of the new service.

We worked with many tax and BAS agents to test the system in a live environment. Our testing participants came from around the country – from regional and metropolitan areas – and from practices of varying sizes – from sole practitioners to larger national firms.

The participants in private beta testing provided valuable feedback to help us improve the service before public beta testing opened in January 2019.

OSfA became the default login for all agents on 17 August 2019.

We are making similar functionalities available to digital service providers for them to include in their practice management software. It is their decision about when these services will be built into their commercial software. We'll continue to consult and co-design to determine the priorities and the most effective way to deliver this transition.

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