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Superannuation contributions surcharge – information for super funds and professionals

Calculating the superannuation contributions surcharge, and reporting and payment obligations.

Last updated 29 August 2017

The following information is for super providers (including SMSFs), tax professionals, and other super professionals. Individuals should refer to Superannuation surcharge – information for individuals.

The superannuation contributions surcharge (surcharge) is levied on certain super contributions (usually employer and personal deductible amounts). In May 2005, the abolition of the super contributions surcharge was announced as part of the 2005–06 Federal Budget. The surcharge legislation was amended so the surcharge will not apply to any super contributions made on or after 1 July 2005.

The surcharge applies to certain super contributions made after 20 August 1996 and before 1 July 2005. The surcharge will still need to be paid for any liabilities that are raised for the financial years 1997–2005.

From August 2017, no new super surcharge assessments will issue. However, any assessments issued prior to this date will remain due and payable.

Super providers must ensure they lodge any outstanding Superannuation member contributions statements for the 1997–2005 financial years.

Unfunded defined benefit funds and members of constitutionally protected funds are not required to pay a surcharge liability until a member has left the fund or begins to receive their benefits.