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KiwiSaver scheme payment statement and instructions for APRA-regulated funds

How to authorise payment of the super balance to a KiwiSaver fund.

Last updated 4 November 2020

The Trans-Tasman superannuation portability arrangement helps Australian and New Zealand citizens – who emigrate between the two countries and intend to stay indefinitely or permanently – to take their retirement savings with them when they move across the Tasman.

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Using this statement

If you are a complying Australian super fund (other than a defined benefit fund, unfunded public sector scheme or self-managed superannuation fund), complete the KiwiSaver scheme payment statement (NAT 74638) when you pay a member’s superannuation benefits to a KiwiSaver scheme in New Zealand.

You don't have to use this form; you can use a similar paper form that collects the same information.

A completed statement provides information about the member's super interest to be transferred from a complying Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) regulated super fund to a KiwiSaver scheme under the TransTasman portability arrangement.

You must pay the full super interest held by the member (other than defined benefit amounts).

Defined benefits

Australian sourced retirement savings from an Australian untaxed source, or a defined benefit interest in an Australian defined benefit scheme, cannot be transferred to a New Zealand KiwiSaver scheme.

Completing the statement

The Australian super fund must complete all sections in this statement.

Section A: Receiving KiwiSaver scheme details

You can't make payment to a KiwiSaver scheme without this information.

3a KiwiSaver registration number

KiwiSaver registration numbers can be confirmed by checking the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority website at KiwiSaver scheme providerExternal Link.

Section B: Member details

Provide the member details for the super interest you are paying to the KiwiSaver scheme:

Section C: Payment transaction details

Record amounts in Australian dollars.

10 Source component

Australian sourced amount

You need to include the Australian-sourced amounts at labels A and B.

You must identify any restricted non-preserved amount and unrestricted non-preserved amount held by the member on this statement.

If the member later returns to Australia, any returning non-preserved Australian amounts that are not identified here will be treated as preserved benefits.

Returning New Zealand sourced amount

Where applicable, you will need to include any returning New Zealand sourced amount at label C.

The sum of components A + B + C must be equal to the total payment at label 11. The amount of the total payment must be equal to the amount being paid to the KiwiSaver scheme.

Section D: Australian superannuation fund

As the payer of a super interest to a KiwiSaver scheme provide your fund details.

Section E: Declaration

Complete the declaration that applies to you. Print your full name, and sign and date the declaration.

Record keeping

You are required to keep a copy of this statement in your records for five years.

You must send a copy of the completed statement to the member. Your member should:

  • keep their copy of this completed statement indefinitely for their records
  • provide copies of their super records, including this statement, to their chosen APRA regulated fund in the event they decide to return to Australia in the future and bring their super savings with them.

Where to send the completed statement

Do not send the completed statement to us. You must:

  • send this statement to the receiving KiwiSaver scheme in section A within 7 days of paying the benefit amount
  • provide a copy of this statement to the member identified in section B within 30 days of paying the benefits to their KiwiSaver scheme
  • keep a copy in your records for five years.

If you do not send the statement to the KiwiSaver scheme or to your member within the required number of days, we may charge you an administrative penalty. Penalties range from one to 25 penalty units depending on the size of your fund and how long the statement is overdue.

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