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Excess transfer balance determination (webinar recording)

The excess transfer balance (ETB) determination process.

Last updated 19 March 2018

This webinar recording discusses the excess transfer balance (ETB) determination process and suggests what funds can do to support members who have exceeded their transfer balance cap.

Media: [Excess Transfer Balance Determination webinar] Link (Duration: 49:36)

Topics discussed include:

  • an explanation of the ETB determination and the default commutation notice
  • how an individual can see everything that makes up their transfer balance account, including
    • what they can see
    • what they can do with the information
  • key dates your members should be aware of, including
    • why the dates are important
    • suggestions you can make to a member if they don’t think these dates can be met
  • the ETB tax assessment process and how this may impact your members.

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