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Accessing Super Enquiry Service for APRA funds

Find out how to register, lodge and manage requests using the Super Enquiry Service for APRA Funds.

Last updated 27 June 2022

How to access Super Enquiry Service

Super Enquiry Service allows all Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) funds and their administrators to lodge and manage super-related enquiries 24/7 with us.

To access the Super Enquiry Service, you need to use myGovID and RAM. The authentication process is the same as Online services for business. You need a Standard or Strong myGovID. Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the Super Enquiry ServiceExternal Link.


myGovIDExternal Link is an app you download to your smart device which lets you prove who you are when logging into a range of government online services (it's different to a myGov account).

If you already have a Standard or Strong myGovID for accessing Online services for business, use the same account to log in to the Super Enquiry Service.

If not, download the myGovID app and Set up your myGovID.

Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)

Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM)External Link is an authorisation service that allows you to act on behalf of a business online when linked with your myGovID (you'll use your myGovID to log in to RAM).

To gain access to the Super Enquiry Service, the principal authority or authorisation administrator of the entity must grant you access to Online services for Digital partners in Relationship Authorisation ManagerExternal Link.

To find out how to grant authorisations in RAM, see Manage authorisationsExternal Link.

Logging in

Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox to access the Super Enquiry ServiceExternal Link. Log in using your Standard or Strong myGovID and RAM authentication.

On the myGovIDExternal Link login screen:

  • enter your email address and select Login
  • open myGovID app on your device and accept or enter the code
  • you will be auto directed to RAM.

If you have set up fingerprint or facial recognition, you can access the myGovID app without a code.

If you have trouble logging in or authenticating, email us at Super CRTExternal Link.

If you are linked to multiple entities, select the correct fund's Australian business number (ABN), and then select Continue to access the landing page.

If you are a first-time user, you will need to activate your registration. You can only use one email address, which can be an individual or a mailbox email address. Notifications will be sent to this email address.

Once you are registered, you will arrive at the landing page Welcome to the Super Enquiry Service for APRA funds.

This screen also allows you to Update contact details in the future, including changing your email address.

Lodging a request

On the landing page, the left-hand menu lists request types. Once you have selected a request type, select a sub-request from the right-hand menu.

If you select the System issue request type, there is a reminder for you to check the Superannuation Dashboard prior to lodging a request. This is because information on this dashboard may provide an answer for any current system issues.

Workflow of a request

Priority will be based on service level agreements (SLAs) which are auto-populated. You will receive an auto reply email advising the service for your request type. Each request will be assigned a reference number.

For example, if you select the request type System issue and the sub-request departing Australia superannuation payment (DASP), it will be given a priority of one day.

  • A request is created and assigned a status of Waiting for support.
  • When a request is assigned to a tax officer for action, the status changes to In progress.
  • If we need to request additional information, the status changes to Waiting for customer.
  • When the request is finalised, the status changes to Resolved.

Whenever a status updates, a notification email is sent to your nominated email address. By default, email notifications are sent to all registered users for your organisation.

You can follow up on a query by adding comments to the request. Once a request is resolved you can still add a comment, and a tax officer will respond.

Managing the request

Once you lodge your request, you can monitor and manage it by selecting the Requests option at the top right-hand corner of the landing page:

  • My requests will show all requests lodged by you.
  • All requests will show all requests lodged by all users in the organisation.

Monitoring progress of requests

You can monitor and view your requests as follows:

  • change the Open requests drop-down box to show Closed requests or requests with Any status
  • search for requests Created by me or Created by others in the organisation
  • search for requests based on Any request type
  • export a list of requests to a CSV file using the Export function
  • Search for requests by entering the Request ID or member account number.

Following up a request

To follow up on a request with us, click on the request, enter a comment in the text box and select Add. A tax officer will receive a notification email. They will view your comment and provide a response.

Providing additional information when requested

When we request additional information, the status changes to Waiting for customer and you will receive an email notification.

To provide information, select the View request link on the notification email or search on Reference number. You can include the information as a comment and add an attachment if required. Then select Add.

The request status will change to Waiting for support and a notification email will be sent to the tax officer.

Additional functions

Don’t notify me

If you don’t want to receive notification emails each time the status of a request changes, you can select Don’t notify me. You can change this back to enable notifications at any time.

Cancel request

When you create a request in error or as a duplicate, you can select Cancel request. This action brings up a dialogue box. When you add a comment and submit the request, it will close at our end.

Resolve request

After lodging a request, if the issue is resolved and no further action is required by us, you can select Resolve this issue. This action brings up a dialogue box. When you add a comment and submit the request, it will close at our end.

Notification of request finalised

Once a request is resolved, you will receive a notification email and the details of the resolution which you can access by either:

  • checking the Reference number of the request
  • selecting the View request link on the notification email.

Once the request status changes to Resolved and if you have any further questions, you can still add a comment. A tax officer will respond.

If you need assistance when lodging a request, email Super CRT and to view our service commitment, see CRT Service commitment.

if you need additional assistance and support, see APRA-regulated fund support.