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Guide to using the ATO Superannuation Dashboard

This guide explains the ATO Superannuation Dashboard and what the system status means.

Last updated 7 December 2021

The ATO Superannuation Dashboard provides information about the availability and performance of our superannuation services. It is a near real-time indicator that sources data directly from our monitoring systems and will reflect the service status using a traffic light system to show overall performance of the relevant service.

We use internal thresholds which include synthetic monitoring, real user traffic and reported incidents to determine the operational status of a service. We will apply the appropriate traffic light colour according to the type of performance.

  • The coloured banner at the top of the screen indicates the overall status of services and the dashboard will indicate whether specific functions, in the relevant services, are available or are experiencing performance issues. In the event of an unplanned outage, we will provide updates in the announcements section near the top of the dashboard page
  • A new Application Programming Interface (API) is available to allow users of the ATO Superannuation Dashboard status page to programmatically access service status, incidents, new or existing maintenance periods.
  • The API can be accessed at Link
Service Status Legend:

Green bar background appears with word 'Operational'

Operational is green and indicates the system is working with no known performance or availability issues detected 

Yellow bar background appears with word 'Degraded Performance'.

Degraded performance is yellow and indicates slow performance

Orange bar background appears with word 'Performance Outrage'.

Partial outage is orange and indicates you may have limited access or system is working intermittently

Red bar background appears with word 'Major Outrage'.

Major outage is red and indicates unavailability.

Plain white background appears with word 'Under Maintenance'.

Under Maintenance is white and indicates the system is undergoing maintenance

Features of the dashboard.

This guide explains the ATO Superannuation Dashboard and what the system status means.

This image shows the maintenance times

These graphs show the sysem metrics - SuperTick3Prod1 response time and SuperMATCH2 Prod 1 response time.

This graph shows the number of delayed super batches.

Additional support and resources

Features of the dashboard explained below

  1. Subscribers to updates will receive email notifications whenever an incident is created, updated or resolved. SMS is used only for created and resolved.
  2. Key announcements will be displayed in this section of the dashboard.
  3. Operational banner will show the overall status of the services in both our on premise production (PROD 1 and AWS cloud PROD 2) environments for:  
    1. Member Account Attribution Service (MAAS)
    2. Member Account Transaction Service (MATS)
    3. Super TFN check integrity service (SuperTICK)
    4. Consolidation of member accounts for APRA regulated funds (SuperMatch)
    5. Fund Validation Service (FVS)
    6. Small Business Superannuation Clearing House (SBSCH)
      1. Any active incidents will also appear in this bar/section.
      2. FVS and SBSCH display status only and not a data feed graph.
  4. Service status is where you can expand each service by using the plus button to view the status of each service in PROD1 and PROD2.
  5. Uptime history bar shows the availability of each service over the last 90 days. Initially these history bars will be provided for SuperTICK and SuperMATCH only while a historical record is established for MAAS and MATS.
  6. The data feed bar indicates any downtime for a service by hovering over each day. If there has been an outage you will be able to view the history of the incident raised.
  7. Planned system maintenance section will advise of future planned maintenance and when these periods are confirmed. We regularly update our planned maintenance periods as changes to timeframes occur.  
    1. Subscribers to the dashboard will receive a notification prior to the planned maintenance and again when the planned outage is completed.
  8. Performance metrics for our single services is designed to show you how the relevant service has been performing over the past 24 hours.

Number of delayed Super batches provides an indication of SBR response for technical receipt times based on a 20-minute rolling average. A delayed super batch indicates a response time greater than 20 minutes. The graph does not take into consideration the size of the batch. It uses real time data sourced from ATO monitoring systems.

  1. Incident history will show previous incidents and completed scheduled planned system maintenance (to return to dashboard scroll to bottom of page and click current status or using the back arrow will also return you to dashboard).
  2. Feedback and comments on the dashboard:  
    1. Click on the ‘email us button’ on the bottom of the dashboard page to send an email to the ATO team.
    2. We will respond to your query as soon as possible.

To view descriptions of terms used on, go to Definitions.