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Accessing the DASP online application system for funds

Instructions for establishing access to the departing Australia superannuation payments online application system.

Last updated 28 June 2022

Access to DASP online

Super funds and RSAs can access applications submitted by their members and DASP intermediaries through the DASP online application system (select the 'Superannuation providers' link). You’ll need a myGovIDExternal Link and be linked to an ABN in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) to use this system.

DASP online application system

You will only be able to access applications for your fund or for funds that have nominated you as their administrator.

You should check the DASP online system on a regular basis to see if claims are waiting for you to action. Once a claim has been received, including any additional supporting evidence that may be required, it must be processed within 28 days.

To search an application

A new search function has been built to assist funds to search for DASP applications received through DASP Online.

For more information, see instructions to search for a DASP online application.

To reject an application

You may use the system to indicate that you have rejected an application. The system will prompt you to provide a reason. An email message will automatically be sent to the applicant (or their intermediary).

If an application is rejected because the benefits have been transferred, the applicant will be prompted to re-submit their application. This re-submitted application will include details of the original application as well as details supplied by the transferring funds.

Contact details

A fund or the fund's administrator can view and update the contact details used by the system. These details provide a contact address for applicants should they need to follow up their applications.

Nominate an administrator

A fund may nominate another organisation (their administrator) to access and process applications submitted by their members. The administrator must have a myGovID and be authorised by the Principal Authority in Relationship Authorisation Manager to access the system (see, accessing online services with myGovID and RAM). When that administrator gains access to the system, they may view, print and reject the applications.

Once an administrator is nominated, the fund will no longer be able to view applications submitted by their members.

If you experience difficulties using the DASP online system lodge a request using the Super Enquiry Service.

Instructions to search for a DASP Online application

The search function in DASP online is a new feature, built to assist super funds with searching for DASP applications received through DASP Online.

This instruction aims to provide guidance to super funds on how to use this new feature.

Accessing the search function

To access the search function, you need to log in to the DASP online systemExternal Link.

Once you have successfully logged in follow these steps:

  • Once the Menu page is displayed, an additional option to Search applications will be available. Select Search applications and you will see the new search screen.
  • On this screen, you are able to search using a number of fields, as displayed. You can search with one field or multiple fields.
  • The system will search using the information you entered. The result list will be more specific if you include information in more fields. For example, if you only entered details in the Family name field, you will get a list of all DASP applications your fund received for members with that family name. Whereas, if you put in a family name and a date of birth, you may get only one DASP application your fund received.

Name search

When searching by name, you need to always start with Family name as the system will search using this field first. If you leave this field blank and enter Taylor in the First name field, the result list will show DASP applications for members with Taylor as the family name.

You should not enter partial names, as the search function will only search for a full match and not a partial match. For example, if you are searching for Johnson but only typed in Joh you may not get any application on the result list.

In summary, you should enter as many name fields (with a full name) as possible, and make sure you enter the family name first to find the application you’re looking for.

Other searches

The remaining search fields will only return a result where it can match the exact information you entered. These fields are:

  • date of birth
  • application submitted date
  • applicant TFN.

For example, if you enter a date in the Application submitted date field, the result list will only show DASP applications received on that specific date.

When entering Date of birth or Application submitted date please ensure you enter the date in the required format as listed, otherwise, you will receive the following error message:

You have not entered a valid date. Enter the date in the dd/mm/yyyy and try again.

You will also receive an error message if you have entered an invalid TFN. The error message will state:

You have not entered a valid TFN. Check the TFN and try again.

To restart your search, you can click the Clear button, which will clear all fields and you can enter new information again. Clicking the Back button will take you back to the menu page.

Search results

After you have entered information and clicked the Search button, a list of DASP applications will be shown as a result of your search.

The result list will be sorted by submitted date, from most recent to oldest applications.

To view the application found, click on the highlighted link.

The application status may show the following values:

Table 1 – Application status and abbreviation explanations

Status and abbreviations

Explanation of status

Received (RECD)

your fund has viewed the application

Rejected (REJT)

your fund has rejected the application

Submitted (SUBD)

your fund has not viewed the application in DASP Online for less than 21 days

Exception (EXPN)

your fund has not viewed the application in DASP Online for more than 21 days

Pending (PEND)

the application cannot be submitted as the member’s visa is still active

Held (HELD)

the member has saved an application but not submitted it

Cancelled (CANC)

the member has cancelled their DASP application

Open (OPEN)

the member has started the application but have not input fund details

If the search resulted in 100 or more applications, a message will be displayed asking you to enter more information to narrow your search.

The message will be shown as:

The search results exceed 100 applications. Enter more information to refine your search.

If you have not entered any values in the search fields and clicked the Search button, you will receive the following message:

You have not provided any search criteria. Enter at least one criterion before searching again.

Where there are no DASP applications matching your search, you will receive the message below:

No result found. Enter other criteria before searching again.