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Preservation of super

How to cash preserved benefits or restricted non-preserved benefits.

Last updated 7 September 2015

Preserved benefits

All contributions made by or on behalf of a member, and all earnings since 1 July 1999, are preserved benefits.

Preserved benefits may be cashed voluntarily only if a condition of release is met and subject to any cashing restrictions imposed as part of the condition of release.

Restricted non-preserved benefits

Restricted non-preserved benefits can't be cashed until the member meets a condition of release specific to these benefits. Generally, they stem from employment-related contributions (other than employer contributions) made before 1 July 1999 or to rolled-over employer termination payments made before 1 July 2004 and can be cashed once the employment they relate to has been terminated.

Unrestricted non-preserved benefits

These benefits don't require a condition of release to be met, and may be paid on demand by the member. They include, for example, benefits for which a member has previously satisfied a condition of release and decided to keep the money in the super fund.

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