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How to pay unclaimed superannuation money

How to pay unclaimed super.

Last updated 18 November 2021

Payment method for SuperStream

To comply with the SuperStream payment standards you must make payment by electronic transfer to our SuperStream bank account:

  • The details are:  
    • Bank – Reserve Bank of Australia
    • BSB – 092-009
    • Account – 12178-1
    • Title – Australian Taxation Office Official Administered Receipts SuperStream Account.
  • The data and money must be linked by a unique payment reference number (PRN). If there is no unique identifier, we can't match the payment to your reported USM.
  • The PRN in the data message and payment must be identical (case and space sensitive). If they are not identical, we can't allocate the payment.

You cannot pay by cheque.

Payment method for paper

Payment of unclaimed super must be made with your USM statement. Refer to How to pay.

If you don't meet payment obligations

The general interest charge (GIC) may apply when you don't pay unclaimed super (including small or insoluble lost member accounts) owing to us by the due date.

You may also be found guilty of an offence and need to pay an administrative penalty if you don't give us the statement by the due date.