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Prepare for tax time

To prepare for tax time, update your client list, check due dates, review security, and notify us of non-lodgments.

Last updated 10 June 2024

To get ready for tax time you should:

  • update your client list
  • check your clients' lodgment program due dates
  • advise us when a return is not required
  • review your security to stop fraud and protect your clients.

Under our service commitment we aim to finalise most electronically lodged current year tax returns within 12 business days of receipt.

When setting up appointments with your clients, remind them to provide the information you need to prepare and lodge their tax returns. This includes their:

  • personal identification
  • Australian financial institution account details
  • Medicare card or number
  • private health insurance information
  • spouse details, including details of their income.

Our commitments to processing time frames and sharing knowledge during tax time.

How to update your client list to add new clients and remove those you no longer represent.

The lodgment due dates for your clients will be available in Online services for agents by the end of July.

How to advise us if your client is not required to lodge a tax return, so we can update our records.