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Cash Flow Coaching Kit

The Cash Flow Coaching Kit is a resource for advisers to help small businesses manage their cash flow and stay viable.

Last updated 5 July 2023

Media: Cash Flow Coaching Kit Link (Duration: 01:00)

Benefits of the Cash Flow Coaching Kit

The Cash Flow Coaching Kit is an evidence-based framework that:

  • gives small businesses clear action to help them meet their financial commitments, including their tax and super obligations
  • turns cash flow theory into practical solutions by focusing on 4 key questions  
    • Are your clients trading profitably?
    • Have they put enough money aside to meet their regular financial commitments?
    • Does their business have enough to spend on themselves and pay others?
    • Is their business getting ahead or falling behind?
  • will help all business types at any stage of the business lifecycle.

Using the Cash Flow Coaching Kit

Advisers can use the kit to deliver one-to-one or group coaching sessions.

It contains 5 tools to help guide cash flow conversations with small business clients:

  1. Health check – 10 questions to build understanding of the health of a business and identify potential knowledge gaps.
  2. Discover topics – introduce key cash flow concepts to help clients identify how cash flow issues emerge to create effective cash flow management practices.
  3. Cash flow canvas – a one-page visual tool showing how cash flows through a business.
  4. Change levers – conversation prompts and scenarios to show clients how to improve cash flow, increase cash-in and reduce cash-out of a business.
  5. Action checklist – record the actions covered in the coaching session to help your client meet their goal to improve cash flow.

Getting the Cash Flow Coaching Kit

You can access the kit in the following formats:

Learning resources and webinar

Advisers can watch a series of videos and attend a live webinar to learn more about using the kit:

Register for a webinar

For details and to register for a live, interactive webinar, see Cash Flow Coaching Kit – 1 hour introductory sessionExternal Link. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email.

Times listed will be in:

  • Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) from April to September
  • Australian Eastern Daylight-saving Time (AEDT) from October to March.

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