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Are your clients' ABN details accurate?

Check your clients’ Australian Business Number (ABN) details are up to date.

Published 12 February 2024

Take the opportunity to remind your clients to update their Australian Business Number (ABN) details on the Australian Business Register (ABR). You can also do it for them.

Emergency services and other government agencies rely on ABN details to identify businesses who need support in times of disaster. It’s important your client lists their physical business address, and a postal address so we know where the business is located.

If their details are out of date, they risk missing out on important assistance, information, or opportunities such as financial grants.

Keeping ABN details up to date will also help business clients complete client-to-agent linking steps online if they need to engage a new agent or provide additional authorisation to their existing agent.

The fastest way to update your clients’ ABN details is through the Tax professional servicesExternal Link on the ABR.

If your client is no longer in business, the ABN must be cancelledExternal Link. We actively review ABN entitlements and may cancel inactive ABNs if there are no signs of business activityExternal Link.