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Are your clients starting a new business?

Last updated 18 April 2023

As a tax professional, you’re often the first to see when your clients start generating new sources of income or taking some new steps in life. You’re often also their first source of guidance when they’re looking to start a business.

Our Starting your own business web content has been updated to help your clients who:

  • are new to business
  • aren’t sure if their activities are considered a business
  • need to better understand what it means to be in business.

This information will help them:

  • determine if they’re eligible for an ABN
  • understand the different kinds of business structures available to them
  • learn what their tax, super and registration obligations are.

We also have steps to help them work out if they’re in business, such as, when their hobby starts to earn them money.

For your clients who are new to business, the cash flow coaching kit is a great resource for you to help them manage their cash flow, which is essential for small business success.

Visit our support for small business page to access resources that will help your client’s get started with their new business.