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Correct process for requesting copies of tax documents

Last updated 30 March 2023

To access copies of tax documents (COTD) for your clients, you need to use Online services for agents and be authorised on your client's record to do so.

We want to support you to access the documents you and your clients need in a timely manner. Online services for agents is the quickest and easiest way to access this information. Our work processes are set up to support requests coming in through the correct process.

If you submit a request using the incorrect form or process, we'll reply to advise you how to resubmit it correctly using Online services for agents. This may result in a delay to you receiving your documents. 

Use our Copies of tax documents request information to:

  • understand which documents you can self-serve in Online services for agents and which you need to make a request for
  • find instructions about how to lodge a request
  • access the correct and latest COTD form (we no longer accept older versions of the form).

Tips for success

The following tips will help you get the documents you need in a timely manner. Ensure you:

  • use the correct process via Online services for agents
  • attach the latest Copies of tax documents request form to the Practice mail message within the Client summary
  • choose the correct email topic and subject – Income tax and Request for Copies of tax documents
  • are authorised on your client's record to access COTD
  • don't use the freedom of information (FOI) requests process to request COTD
  • phone us if you want to check on the status of a submitted COTD request.

Requesting documents for deceased clients

If your client is deceased, you can't submit a request for COTD unless you've been appointed by a legal personal representative (LPR). The LPR must have notified us of their appointment and be listed on the client's record before you submit a COTD request.

If you submit a COTD request and include notification of deceased documents, it will be rejected as these certified documents cannot be accepted via Online services for agents.

Help to use Online services for agents

If you need help using Online services for agents, you can access the: