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New lodgment deferral function is here!

Last updated 25 April 2023

The new lodgment deferral function is now available in Online services for agents! You can access it under the Reports and forms menu.

We've worked closely with registered agents and professional associations to design this new function to meet your needs. "This is really simple and easy", "We are looking forward to this" and "This is great, makes things quicker", are some of the comments registered agents told us during live beta testing.

The new function is a great example of how collaboration and co-design can deliver a better experience for all.

You no longer need to download and complete different spreadsheets. The new function pre-populates information based on the client you’re seeking a lodgment deferral for. It also allows you to view the lodgment deferral requests you've submitted. For requests that meet agent-assessed guidelines, you'll receive a response within 48 hours.

Act now

You never know when exceptional or unforeseen circumstances may affect you or your client, and you'll need to request a lodgment deferral.

To get ready to use the new function, we recommend that you:

  • check staff submitting lodgment deferral requests have standard myGovID identity strength
  • have access to client registration add/update permission in Online services for agents. Refer to Access Manager permissions for further details.
  • let your staff know that once we switch off the old process, this will be the only way to submit a lodgment deferral.

Support materials available

We understand that any improvement means a change to how you do things in your practice. So, we've developed the following to support you:

  • Help aside information in Online services for agents – this is available on every screen to guide you through each step
  • updated web contentgeneral information about the new function and how to request a lodgment deferral
  • Online services for agents user guide – detailed information and instructions to guide you through the process of lodging single or multiple requests.