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Trustee remuneration

The steps we expect you to take so remuneration and administration costs are fair, reasonable and commensurate.

Last updated 29 September 2022

Fair, reasonable, commensurate payment

As a trustee, we expect you to take steps to ensure that the remuneration and costs incurred in an administration are:

  • fair and reasonable
  • commensurate with the level of work undertaken.

You must be able to demonstrate that:

  • a task was necessary to be undertaken for the proper conduct of the administration
  • that the time charged was reasonable for the task concerned.

Voting on remuneration

We expect that you will be able to give information that allows all creditors to understand the basis upon which remuneration has been calculated. You must supply creditors with sufficient information to make an informed decision when asked to approve remuneration.

If we are not satisfied with the information you give, we may:

  • abstain from voting
  • vote against the motion for remuneration.

Future remuneration

There may be occasions when the creditors are asked to vote on your future remuneration. We may consider voting for future remuneration if: