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  • Historical transactions

    In Historical transactions you can check the status of enquiries you've made with us for your client or your practice.

    Historical transactions include:

    • Online services for agents      
      • mail messages
      • online forms
      • refund requests
      • transfer requests 
    • mail
    • phone
    • fax.

    This function only shows a list of interactions and their status. You can't view the content of the message. If you no longer have the content for a specific interaction, contact us with the receipt number.

    Interactions remain viewable for 3 months after the completion date.

    To view interactions for your practice, at the agent home page select Communication then Historical transactions

    To view interactions for a client see Historical transactions – client summary.

    You can return to the top of this Online services for agents user guide for help on other areas.

      Last modified: 01 Sep 2023QC 54079