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    On this page you can find the instructions for specific functions under the My practice menu.

    On this page:

    Favourite clients

    The Favourite clients feature lets you add to your home page a list of clients you regularly access. You can then select the identifier in the list to go directly to the client summary. The list is saved against your login so you can customise the list to meet your needs.

    You can add up to 30 clients. Clients will display in alphabetical order.

    You can also add or remove clients from the favourite feature, client summary or advanced search.

    Note: Your home page must be customised before creating a list. You will only need to do this once.

    To add or remove clients:

    • from the Favourite client feature, select More. To remove a client, select X
    • from the Client summary screen, select or deselect the Favourite star
    • from an Advanced search, select or deselect the Favourite star next to the client's name.

    Note: When a client is removed from your client list, it does not automatically remove them from your Favourite clients list – you will need to do this manually.

    Add client

    You no longer need to add your client's individual or non-individual name to add a client.

    To populate your new client's details, enter an identifier TFN, ABN, EIN or WPN and for:

    • individuals – enter their date of birth
    • non-individuals – if TFN is selected, enter their ABN or name.

    If the only role you have for your client is Single Touch Payroll, use Add payroll only client.

    To add a client:

    • select My practice then Add client or use the Add client quick link
    • at Find a client                      
      • select your client type, Individual or Non-individual
      • select an identifier – TFN, ABN EIN or WPN (BAS agents will not have an EIN option)
      • type the identifier number and                      
        • for individuals – type the client's date of birth
        • for non-individuals – if using a TFN, type their name or ABN

    Note: Repeated attempts to enter an incorrect identifier or date of birth may lock you out of the system for a short period of time

    • select the declaration – I confirm that I have a signed authority from this client to act on their behalf

    Note: When we receive official notification of a client's death the declaration will change to 'I confirm that I am aware this client is deceased and that I am the executor or administrator of their estate with grant of probate'

    • select Next
    • at the Authorisation screen select the account you would like to authorise                        
      • Income tax (BAS agents will not have this option)
      • Specific accounts – select the accounts

    Note: Selecting Income tax will provide authorisation to all accounts and roles, including the activity statement role. Where there is an existing agent link only select that account if you are the new authorised agent. If you do not have authorisation and you select the account it will remove the authorised tax or BAS agent

    • select Next
    • at the Client details screen select                      
      • Use practice postal address to receive your client's paper correspondence. Selecting this option may also update the client's primary postal address. See Client addresses for details
      • Whether you or your client are notified when an activity statement is ready to lodge, then Practice or Client. Check the Email addresses we have listed for each account and update if necessary. The email address listed against the activity statement account is where we send the email notifications
    • select Next
    • at the Summary screen check all details are correct, then select Submit.

    The client has now been added to your client list. You can select the Client home page hyperlink to navigate to their profile.

    Note: The authorisation for the client will be added to the system, however predictive name search and the client list will take up to 15 minutes to update in your view.

    During this time, you can access the client's account by searching with a TFN or ABN.

    See also:

    Unable to add a client

    Some clients cannot be added to your client list immediately using Online services for agents. The client's TFN may be security assessed or archived.

    A TFN may be archived when:

    • a person has left Australia
    • an account has been inactive for some time.

    If the TFN belongs to a security-assessed client, you will need to use a Client update form from your SBR-enabled software package.

    Security-assessed clients include:

    • clients at risk
    • special interest clients (including well-known people)
    • ATO staff
    • contractors and other government employees.

    See also:

    Remove client

    Before removing a client from your client list, you should:

    • remove your details from the client’s authorised contacts, financial institution account details, email, postal and business addresses
    • update the client address and contact phone number details
    • remove the client from your Favourite clients list (if necessary).

    Your client list displays all clients who have a link to your Registered agent number (RAN). This includes clients you may no longer represent or who have lodged final returns. If these clients appear on your list, you will need to remove them. If you are unable to remove a client see our Client list page - Client list has clients you no longer represent – for details on how to request a bulk deletion.

    To remove a client, including a payroll only client from your client list:

    • select My practice then Remove client or use the Remove client quick link
    • at Find a client type the client identifier (TFN, ABN, WPN or EIN) or name
    • select Find. The client details will populate on the screen
    • select Submit to remove the client.

    The removal will occur on our systems within approximately 15 minutes. The client may still be visible when searching during this time.

    See also:

    Lodgment program status

    This function is only available to tax agents. BAS agents will not see this function.

    The Lodgment program status will show you the status, progress and performance of your income tax and fringe benefits tax lodgments.

    You can see how you are currently tracking for this year's lodgments as well as your performance history for the past two years.

    To view the status:

    • from the home page select My practice
    • select Lodgment program status or use the agent home page feature or quick link.

    You can see the number of current year tax returns lodged on time and the total number of expected lodgments. This data is updated weekly.

    Annual lodgment performance

    This view shows your lodgment performance history and the amount of tax returns lodged on time for the previous two financial years.

    At the Lodgment program status screen, if you also lodge Fringe benefits tax returns you will need to select Income tax or Fringe benefits tax.

    Your lodgment performance data is updated weekly and displayed as both a bar graph and as a table. This data determines your overall performance percentage. To view additional information, select the drop-down menu next to 'How do we calculate your lodgment performance?'

    If you have achieved 85% performance for income tax lodgments, you can print the Lodgment program certificate between 15 July and 31 October.

    My details

    You can view the details we have of your agent registration with the Tax Practitioners Board.

    To view and check your details are up to date, select My practice then My details.

    To update your practice details, visit the Tax Practitioners BoardExternal Link.

    Updates made with the Tax Practitioners Board will take time to display in our systems.

    Add payroll only client

    Use this function if the only role you are providing for your client is Single Touch Payroll (STP) reporting.

    Adding a payroll only client will provide you with authorisation to the pay as you go (PAYG) withholding role to lodge and view your client's STP reports. You will not have permissions to access any other functions in the system.

    If you are authorised at the client or account level, you will also have authority for the PAYG withholding role.

    To add a client:

    • select My practice then Add payroll only client
    • at Find a client                      
      • select your client type – Individual or Non-individual
      • select an identifier – TFN, ABN, EIN or WPN (BAS agents will not have an EIN option)
      • type the identifier number
      • for individuals – type the client's date of birth
      • for non-individuals – if using a TFN, type their name or ABN
    • select Next
    • at Authorisation select the account you would like to authorise for payroll services only and select Next
    • at Summary screen check the accounts selected are correct then select Submit. The payroll only client has now been added to your client list. Note: You can generate a print friendly version of the Summary screen
    • select the STP reporting link. You will only see information here after the first STP report has been lodged.

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