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  • Requesting ATO data under the DATA Scheme

    Learn about the DATA Scheme and how to request ATO data under the scheme.

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    About the DATA Scheme

    The Data Availability and Transparency Act 2022 (the Act) passed Parliament and received royal assent in March 2022. The scheme it establishes is referred to as the DATA Scheme. Further information can be found at the Office of the National Data Commissioner (ONDC) websiteExternal Link.

    The DATA Scheme is focused on increasing the availability and use of Australian Government data by accredited users for 3 permitted purposes:

    1. delivering government services
    2. informing government policies and programs
    3. undertaking research and development.

    When we will consider sharing data under the DATA Scheme

    When we receive a request, we'll first determine if the data can be shared using an existing process or product, for example:

    If possible, we'll use the existing process or product. If not, we'll then consider if the DATA Scheme applies.

    We'll consider sharing data with accredited usersExternal Link where:

    If we do decide to share data under the DATA Scheme, we'll:

    • share identifying data with government bodies where the law permits, and strong governance and stewardship arrangements are in place
    • only share de-identified data with Australian universities who are accredited users for permitted purposes – this will occur through an accredited data service provider (ADSP).


    Under the DATA Scheme, we won't share data for a reason the Act does not allow. For example, compliance or enforcement purposes, or with bodies that are excluded from the scheme.

    Some examples of data or information we won't share are:

    How to make a request for data

    Requests for data by accredited usersExternal Link must be submitted through the ONDC's DataplaceExternal Link.

    If you're from an Australian government body or an Australian university, and you would like to contact us about the DATA Scheme before you submit a Dataplace request, email us at

    Potential associated costs

    We reserve the right to charge fees for dealing with a request to share data under the DATA Scheme. This may include fees for services we perform, or which are performed on our behalf, including the services of an ADSP.

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