• Sale of a depreciating asset used only partly for a taxable purpose

    If a depreciating asset is used only partly for a taxable purpose, you reduce the balancing adjustment amount to reflect that non-taxable use. The reduced balancing adjustment amount is included in, or deducted from, your assessable income under the UCA provisions.

    The non-taxable purpose proportion of the difference between the asset's termination value and its cost can constitute a capital gain or a capital loss under the capital gains provisions.


    John also sells a computer. The termination value of the computer is $600 and its cost is $1,000. The computer has been used 40% for private purposes. At the time of sale, the computer's adjustable value is $700. John can claim a $60 deduction for the reduced balancing adjustment amount (60%, the taxable purpose proportion, of $700 less $600). A capital loss of $160 also arises (40%, the non-taxable purpose proportion, of $1,000 less $600).

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