• Reportable tax position schedule

    The reportable tax position schedule (the RTP schedule) is a schedule to the company income tax return that requires large businesses to disclose their most contestable and material tax positions.

    For details about RTPs, including definitions and how to complete the RTP schedule, refer to Guide to reportable tax positions 2016.

    We use schedule disclosures to:

    • better understand tax risk for taxpayers, industries and the large market
    • improve our dialogue with large businesses about their risk profile and corporate governance
    • help us focus our compliance activities
    • identify areas of uncertainty in the tax law that may need
      • law clarification or legislative improvements
      • further advice and guidance.

    If you have a substituted accounting period that ends before 30 June, you can use the Reportable tax position schedule of the previous income tax year.

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    Reportable tax position early disclosure form

    If you must lodge the RTP schedule, you can make an early disclosure of an RTP on the Reportable tax position early disclosure form (early disclosure form).

    You can include an RTP on an early disclosure form in respect of an income year. If the form is properly lodged with us, you do not have to include that RTP on the RTP schedule for the same income year, but you must still complete and lodge the RTP schedule.

    The early disclosure form must be received by us at least 28 days before you are required to lodge the RTP schedule.

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