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Large business

Large businesses are entities that are part of an economic group with combined turnover greater than $250 million.

Work out the compliance and governance requirements for large businesses.

Information and services to help large businesses.

How we build and maintain community confidence taxpayers are paying the right amount of tax.

Applying justified trust to the top 100 population.

Seeks greater assurance that top 100 taxpayers are reporting the right amount of GST.

How we identify and categorise the top 100 and our engagement approach with this population.

Assures the income tax and goods and services tax (GST) affairs of Australia's Top 1,000 population.

GST analytical tool (GAT) and data testing in our Top 1000 combined assurance reviews.

By law, the ATO is required to report information about certain large corporate tax entities.

Contact us as soon as possible if you want to object to a decision or amend a return.

Find out about the ADF and how we approach engagement with public and multinational businesses.

Detailed tax information for large businesses.

How we obtain confidence that large corporate groups are paying the right amount of tax.

Public business and international groups play a crucial role in Australia's revenue system.