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  • Calculating amount to withhold


    The changes to the tax withholding schedules support announcements made in the Federal Budget 2021 and are now reflected in this calculator.

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    The easiest and quickest way to work out how much tax to withhold is to use our online tax withheld calculator. Alternatively, you can use the range of tax tables we produce.

    These take into account the Medicare levy, study and training support loans, and tax-free threshold.

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    Withholding more tax than you should

    Discovering your error early

    If you withhold more tax than you should and you discover the error early, you must refund the extra amount you withheld to the payee, even if you have already paid the amount to us.

    If you have already paid the amount to us, you can offset the amount against another withholding amount you are liable to pay us in the future for the relevant year. Remember to record this offset in your accounts.

    Discovering your error late

    If you withhold more tax than you should and you discover the error later than 30 June after the end of the year in which the withheld amount relates, do not refund the amounts to your payee – if you do, we cannot refund the amount to you. To rectify this:

    • you will need to issue your payee with an amended payment summary as well as complete and forward us an amended PAYG payment summary statement
    • your payee will need to request an income tax amendment if they have already lodged their income tax return for that financial year.

    If you have already paid the amount to us and you are not liable to pay us any further withholding amounts for the relevant year, you need to lodge a revised activity statement.

    You can get a revised activity statement:

    • from the Business Portal, if you are a registered user
    • by contacting us on the Business line.

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