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  • Tailored engagement

    As a privately owned and wealthy group, we provide you with the certainty you need over your tax affairs, by tailoring our engagements to your circumstances. This ensures we effectively manage our interactions with you in the most timely and efficient way, being sensitive to the group's business and commercial affairs. To support this, we develop our knowledge about your business, industry and commercial realities, so we can better understand your individual circumstances.

    Through our engagements, we want to provide assurance that you have paid the right amount of tax and help you maintain compliance into the future. We may engage with you:

    • before you lodge your tax return, to give you certainty on your tax position, including on significant commercial transactions
    • after you have lodged, to get an understanding of statements made in your returns.

    We use data and analytics to understand your industry and risks that may affect your business. By having this information beforehand, we can come into the engagement with a better understanding of your circumstances and then tailor our approach accordingly.

    By working with us, we can provide services that make it easier to get things right. This includes discussing issues early to prevent disputes later on.

    We will be transparent about the nature of our concerns and encourage two-way dialogue at all times. Where we can't resolve an issue early, we may conduct a review or an audit to examine the issue further.

    This collaborative approach gives you greater certainty and can save you time and money.

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