• Public business and international groups

    Most of the largest organisations operating in Australia are public businesses and international groups. They play a crucial role in the revenue system by paying and withholding taxes, and contributing to and managing superannuation (super) on their employees' behalf.

    There are approximately 27,500 public groups and international entities operating in Australia. This comprises six broad industry groups – super, insurance, energy and resources, banking and finance, manufacturing, and sales and services.

    Engaging with you

    Australia's largest businesses receive customised service from us. Our interactions with public businesses and international groups are tailored based on company size, complexity and behaviour. Our focus is on prevention before correction, and providing early assurance to taxpayers.

    We are committed to working together to improve the client experience and shape our future tax and super systems.

    Find out how we're transforming the experience of the tax and super systems for public groups and international entities:

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