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    The small business benchmarks are financial ranges that help compare your business's performance against others in your industry.

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    About ATO benchmarks

    Our benchmark methodology has been verified as statistically valid by an independent organisation and is consistent with international approaches.

    Our benchmarks:

    • are based on the biggest data set available – calculated from over 1.9 million small business tax returns
    • account for businesses with different turnover ranges across more than 100 industries
    • are published as a range to recognise the variations that occur between businesses due to factors such as location and circumstances.

    We allocate business data to a business type based on a combination of:

    • business industry code, which is derived from the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC)
    • the main business activity listed on the tax return
    • the trading name label of the business.

    Compare your business performance

    Step 1: Get your information ready

    Step 2: Start calculating

    When you compare your business performance:

    • choose the right industry code for your business with the business industry code tool
    • if you operate more than one business, calculate information for each of them separately and indicate this on your income tax return.

    To compare your business performance, you can either:

    You can use the benchmarks:

    • to see how your business is tracking against the benchmarks at least once a year, before lodging your tax return
    • as a guide to help you set up and understand industry standards if you are new to business.

    Step 3: Check your results and take action if required

    Other tools

    Benchmarks are only part of the analysis of your business. You can also use the:

    Consult a business adviser or tax professional for more help understanding how to improve your business performance.

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