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  • Employers affected by disasters

    If disasters make paying super guarantee contributions on time difficult, we can help.

    Contact us as soon as possible on 13 10 20, if you're unable to make your quarterly super contributions by the due date because you are either:

    • impacted by a natural disaster
    • located in a disaster affected area.

    By law, we cannot extend the due date to pay the super guarantee charge (SGC). You will need to lodge a Superannuation guarantee charge (SGC) statement (XLS, 745KB)This link will download a file and pay the charge if you did not make contributions to a super fund on time. If required, we can talk to you about a payment plan.

    If your records are lost or damaged in a disaster, you can make an estimate of super guarantee contributions using old records. You could get these records from:

    • your employees
    • your bank
    • the super funds you pay contributions to
    • records of PAYG payments you've made.

    Make sure your employees understand how you are going to calculate their super payments using an estimate.

    If you are closing down your business because of a disaster, you still need to pay your employee super obligations before you close.

    Last modified: 26 May 2021QC 44709