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    Important information

    You will have received this final release authority and statement because your member has not complied with a Compulsory release authority and statement to release an excess non-concessional contributions tax liability from their superannuation interest.

    The Commissioner's release authority requires you to:

    • release the amount stated in section C from your member's account
    • pay this to the ATO within 30 days
    • complete sections D and E and send the release authority statement to us
    • give a copy of the statement to your member within 30 days of making the payment.

    Penalties may apply if you don't:

    • make the required payment to us within 30 days of receiving this authority
    • lodge the completed release authority statement with us and provide a copy to your member within 30 days of making the payment.

    You can complete this statement or create a statement of your own, as long as it contains all the required information.

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