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  • How to complete the release authority statement

    Section C: Amount to be released

    You must pay either:

    • the amount to be released shown in section C
    • if the account balance is less than this amount, the total value of your member's super interests in your fund (other than a defined benefit interest).

    Section D: Details of the release amount

    Complete this section with details of the amount released.

    If you have released only some or none of the amount shown in section C, explain why.

    Section E: Declaration

    Complete the declaration that applies to you. Print your full name then sign and date the declaration.

    Further information

    Send the completed release authority statement to us:

    • fax 1300 139 024
    • mail to

    Australian Taxation Office
    PO Box 3578
    Albury NSW 2640

    • Give a copy to your member.
    End of further information

    How to pay

    Instructions on how to pay the amount to be released to us are shown on the reverse side of the payment slip attached to this compulsory authority to release excess contributions tax and statement.

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