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  • Taxation rulings and practice statements

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    Taxation rulings

    • IT 2624 Income tax: company self assessment; elections and other notifications; additional (penalty) tax; false or misleading statement
    • TR 92/18 Income tax: bad debts
    • TR 93/23 Income tax: valuation of trading stock subject to obsolescence or other special circumstances
    • TR 96/7 Income tax: record keeping – section 262A – general principles
    • TR 97/23 Income tax: deductions for repairs
    • TR 97/25 Income tax: property development: deduction for capital expenditure on construction of income producing capital works, including buildings and structural improvements
    • TR 98/7 Income tax: whether packaging items (i.e., containers, labels, etc) held by a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer are trading stock
    • TR 98/8 Income tax: whether materials and spare parts held by a taxpayer supplying services are trading stock
    • TR 1999/9 Income tax: the operation of sections 165-13 and 165-210, paragraph 165-35(b), section 165-126 and section 165-132
    • TR 2002/10 Income tax: capital gains tax: asset register
    • TR 2003/14 Income tax: life insurance companies: the actuarial determination of fees and charges
    • TR 2005/4 Income tax: capital allowances – project pools – core issues
    • TR 2006/3 Income tax: government payments to industry to assist entities (including individuals) to continue, commence or cease business
    • TR 2013/3 Income tax: research and development tax offsets: feedstock adjustments
    • TR 2018/2 Income tax: record keeping and access - electronic records
    • TR 2019/5 Income tax: effective life of depreciating assets (applicable from 1 July 2019)
    • TR 2019/1 Income tax: when does a company carry on a business?
    • TR 2021/3 Income tax: effective life of depreciating assets (applicable from 1 July 2021)
    • LCR 2019/1 The business continuity test - carrying on a similar business

    For consolidated or MEC groups

    • TR 2004/9 Income tax: consolidation: what is meant by ‘injection of capital’ in section 707-325 of the ITAA 1997?
    • TR 2007/2 Income tax: application of the same business test to consolidated and MEC groups – principally, the interaction between section 165-210 and section 701-1 of the ITAA 1997 (As at 20 June 2007)

    Law administration practice statements

    • PS LA 2003/8 Practical approaches to low-cost business expenses
    • PS LA 2005/2 Penalty for failure to keep or retain records

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