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  • How to complete this statement – Super fund to complete



    This information may not apply to the current year. Check the content carefully to ensure it is applicable to your circumstances.

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    Section D: Details of the released amount

    The super fund completes this statement by providing details of the amount released and sends the statement to us within 30 days of releasing the amount.

    To work out the amount you must release, determine which of the following is the lesser amount:

    • the excess non-concessional contributions tax amount at question 12
    • the amount nominated by the member at question 13
    • the total value of your member's super interests in your fund (other than a defined benefit interest).

    If you do not pay the amount to your member or us within 30 days of receiving the release authority, we may charge you an administrative penalty of 20 penalty units.

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    Section E: Super fund declaration

    Complete the declaration that applies to you if you are either:

    • a trustee, director or authorised officer
    • an authorised agent.

    Print your full name, and sign and date the declaration.

    Get it done

    Send the completed statement to us within 30 days of releasing the amount by:

    • fax to 1300 139 024
    • mail to:
      Australian Taxation Office
      PO Box 3578
      ALBURY  NSW  2640
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    Send a copy of the statement to your member within 30 days of releasing the amount.

    Keep a copy for your records for five years.

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    If you do not send the statement to us and send a copy to your member within 30 days of releasing the amount, we may charge you an administrative penalty.

    Penalties range from 1 to 25 penalty units, depending on the size of your fund, and how long the statement is overdue.

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