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  • Instructions for PRRT instalment statement

    Instructions to help you lodge an instalment statement for a petroleum project under petroleum resource tax (PRRT).

    In these instructions

    PRRT instalment statement information

    An instalment statement lodgment for an instalment period under petroleum resource tax (PRRT) is required if the entity is either:

    • liable to pay an instalment amount for that petroleum project for that instalment period, or
    • has lodged an instalment statement for that petroleum project for a previous instalment period in the same year of tax.

    Do not lodge an instalment statement for the entity's interest in an exploration permit or retention lease.

    Complete a separate PRRT instalment statement for the entity's interest in each petroleum project.

    All amounts on the PRRT instalment statement need to be expressed in Australian dollars. Round down to whole-dollar amounts (do not include cents).

    If this is a revision to a previously lodged PRRT instalment statement, indicate the revision number in the box provided (1 for first revision, 2 for second revision, and so on). Fill out the form in full. Do not insert only the information affected by the revision.

    The year of tax for PRRT begins on 1 July and ends on 30 June the following year. Insert the relevant years to signify the start and the end of the year of tax.

    Place an X in the appropriate box to indicate the applicable instalment period.

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