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  • Accounting for GST – supporting information

    Here's a list of the documents and information we usually need to process a private ruling request about how you should account for GST. If you provide supporting information this will reduce the time it takes for us to process your request.

    If you want to apply for a private ruling about how to account for GST, you need to:

    • complete and submit the relevant private ruling application form (for tax professionals or not for tax professionals)
    • provide the supporting information listed below.

    Note: Check first whether your question is answered on our website.

    See also:

    This ruling provides more information on choosing to account on a cash basis and outlines the factors we will consider in determining whether it is appropriate for you to account for GST on a cash basis.

    Supporting information

    Note: If you've previously provided us with any of the information listed below, you do not need to provide it again.

    The information we require for a private ruling about accounting for GST includes:

    • your current GST turnover for the past 12 months, including the current month
    • your projected GST turnover for the next 12 months, including the current month
    • whether you account for income tax purposes using the receipts method
    • whether you are an endorsed charitable institution, endorsed trustee of a charitable fund, gift deductible entity or a government school.

    Asking to account for GST on a cash basis

    You will need to ask us for permission to account for GST on a cash basis if:

    • your business has an aggregated turnover of $10 million or more, or
    • you are not carrying on a business, but your enterprise's 'GST turnover' is more than $2 million


    • you do not account for income tax on a cash basis, or
    • you are not  
      • a government school
      • an endorsed charitable institution or trustee of an endorsed charitable fund
      • a gift-deductible entity (unless it operates a fund, authority or institution that can receive tax-deductible gifts or contributions).

    In this case, you should also provide the following information:

    • details on the nature and size of your business
    • the nature of the accounting system you use.

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