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  • Individuals Stewardship Group

    The Individuals Stewardship Group is one of the Stewardship groups operated by the ATO as a means of improving the client experience and administration of Australia’s taxation and superannuation system.

    The group provides an opportunity for strategic discussion to develop and improve the administration and operation of the taxation and superannuation system into the future.

    The group will focus on:

    • identifying opportunities to improve the taxation and superannuation system to make it easy to get things right and hard not to, through an understanding of the effects on individuals in the community
    • gaining insights into issues faced by individuals to improve future approaches and processes
    • being a conduit for information-sharing between the ATO and individuals through the members’ respective engagement, education and communication channels for their networks
    • providing feedback on the proposed design of ATO’s service offerings and future direction for individuals.

    The ATO consultation protocol underpins our consultation framework.


    The secretariat of the Individuals Stewardship Group can be contacted by email at


    Group membership details




    Hoa Wood (Chair), Individuals and Intermediaries


    Kerry O'Loghlin, Individuals and Intermediaries


    Lloyd Williams, Individuals and Intermediaries


    Tim Loh, Individuals and Intermediaries


    Trevor Schloss, Superannuation and Employer Obligations

    AMES Australia

    Teresita Romero

    Australian Securities and Investment Commission

    Danny McCarthy

    Australian Shareholders Association Limited

    Eden Zanatta

    Federation of Ethnic Communities' Council of Australia

    Janecke Wille

    Financial Counselling Australia

    Carmel Franklin

    First Nations Foundation

    Phil Usher

    National Seniors Australia

    Brendon Radford

    People with Disability Australia

    Samantha French

    Real Estate Institute of Australia

    Jock Kreitals

    Tax Clinic

    Connie Vitale


    Bede Fraser

    Key messages

    Key messages from meetings held in the last three years are available below.

    Regular meetings

    Special briefings

    For prior key messages email and specify what you require.

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