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  • Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group

    The Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group is one of the Stewardship groups operated by the ATO as a means of improving the client experience and administration of Australia’s taxation and superannuation system.

    The group provides an opportunity for strategic discussion to develop and improve the administration and operation of the taxation and superannuation system into the future.

    The group will focus on:

    • identifying opportunities to improve the taxation and superannuation system to make it easy to get things right and hard not to, through an understanding of the effects on the tax practitioner sector
    • gaining insights into issues faced by the tax practitioner sector to improve future approaches and processes
    • providing an insight into the profession through their membership and network, to better understand how the tax profession can contribute into the initiatives and improvement of the tax and superannuation systems.

    The ATO consultation protocol underpins our consultation framework arrangements.


    The secretariat of the Tax Practitioner Stewardship Group can be contacted by email at


    Group membership details




    Hoa Wood (Co-chair), Individuals and Intermediaries


    Alex Adams, Enterprise Solutions and Technology


    Audra Paskevicius (Secretariat), Individuals and Intermediaries


    Deborah Jenkins, Small Business


    Emma Rosenzweig, Superannuation and Employer Obligations


    Grant Brodie, Client Account Services


    Michelle Crosby, Australian Business Registry Services


    Sylvia Gallagher, Individuals and Intermediaries


    Vivek Chaudhary, Debt and Lodgment

    Australian Bookkeepers Association

    Peter Thorp

    Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand

    Michael Croker

    CPA Australia

    Elinor Kasapidis

    H&R Block

    Mark Chapman

    Income Tax Professionals

    Scott Bailey

    Institute of Certified Bookkeepers

    Matthew Addison

    Institute of Public Accountants

    Tony Greco

    National Tax and Accountants Association

    Rodney Wilson

    Tax & Super Australia

    Neville Birthisel

    Tax practitioner

    Gavin Swan (Co-chair)

    Tax practitioner

    Keith Clissold

    Tax practitioner

    Ken Thomas

    Tax practitioner

    Mark Morris

    Tax practitioner

    Phil McCann

    Tax practitioner

    Shanna Hunter

    Tax practitioner

    Steven Inglis

    Tax practitioner

    Warren Seeto

    Tax Practitioners Board

    Debra Anderson

    Tax Practitioners Board

    Michael O'Neill

    The Tax Institute

    Robyn Jacobson

    Key messages

    Key messages from meetings held in the last three years are available below.

    Regular meetings

    Special briefings

    For prior key messages or minutes, email and specify what you require.

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