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  • Employees in Online services for business

    The 'Employee' menu in Online services for business allows you to manage your employer obligations – for example you can access Single Touch Payroll (STP) functions or the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House.

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    Single Touch Payroll

    Single Touch Payroll (STP) functions include:

    • STP reporting
    • STP deferral and exemption requests.

    STP reporting

    STP reporting allows you to view information reported for the business.

    Select Employees – STP reporting.

    You can then filter the data to view by financial year, date range, reporting branch or Business Management Software (BMS).

    STP deferral and exemption requests

    Select Employees STP deferrals and exemptions to submit requests for:

    • operational deferral
    • transitional deferrals
    • concessional reporting
    • recurring deferrals
    • exemptions
    • no requirement to report
    • finalisation declaration deferrals.

    When a form is submitted, you will receive an ATO receipt ID and you'll be advised if the request has been accepted or has been sent for assessment.

    Small Business Superannuation Clearing House

    To access the Small Business Superannuation Clearing House, select Employees and then Small Business Superannuation Clearing house.

    JobKeeper or JobMaker Hiring Credit

    To register and access the JobKeeper or JobMaker Hiring Credit, select Employees and then JobKeeper or JobMaker Hiring Credit.

    JobMaker Hiring Credit

    Select Register and complete the mandatory fields.

    You will receive a receipt ID once you have lodged your request. Registration is not a confirmation of eligibility.To find out if you are eligible, see JobMaker Hiring Credit eligibility.


    Monthly business declarations for JobKeeper Fortnights in March need to be completed by 14 April 2021 to receive final JobKeeper payments. The JobKeeper Payment scheme finished on 28 March 2021.

    Request stapled super fund details

    From 1 November 2021, if you have new employees start, you may have an extra step to take to comply with choice of fund rules if they don’t choose a super fund. You may now need to request their stapled super fund details from us.

    A stapled super fund is an existing super account which is linked, or 'stapled', to an individual employee so that it follows them as they change jobs.

    You can request stapled super fund details via Online services for business. You will need to navigate to 'employee super accounts' under the Employees menu.

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