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  • Profile in Online services for business

    You can use the Profile menu in Online services for business to manage your business details with us.

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    Business details

    Selecting Business details from the Profile menu allows you to view Business information, including the business name, ABN and Tax file number as well as other related information.

    To update the notification preferences, select the entity and update the channel preference. Where email is selected, you must provide an email address.

    Business details, such as Company name or Public Officer details must be updated on the Australian Business RegisterExternal Link.

    For more information, see Update your details.

    Business addresses

    To update the business address, select Business addresses from the Profile menu.

    Email addresses

    To update an email address, select Email addresses from the Profile menu.

    Authorised contacts

    You can add, update, or delete authorised contacts by selecting Authorised contacts from the Profile menu.

    To update or remove contacts listed on the ABR, go to Australian Business RegisterExternal Link.

    Agent details

    We're introducing an agent nomination process to businesses to strengthen security and help your business manage and authorise a registered agent to act on your behalf and manage your tax affairs.

    Until the new feature is available to your business, your registered tax agent, BAS agent or payroll service provider will add or remove themselves as an agent, using the normal process.

    View registered tax professionals by selecting Agent details from the Profile menu.

    To nominate a registered agent:

    • at Agent nominations
      • select Add
      • enter the registered agent number (RAN) or practice name that you'd like to nominate
      • select search
      • select the registered agent you want to nominate (if multiple results are returned, select the correct agent from the list)
      • carefully check that the agent's details are correct
      • complete the declaration then Submit the nomination form.

    Your business may nominate more than one agent to manage different tax accounts.

    The easiest and fastest way to search for the agent you want to authorise is to get the RAN from your agent and search using this number.

    Extending a nomination

    If the agent you've nominated needs additional time to add your business as a client, you can use the Extend feature.

    The Extend feature will become available on the next calendar day after submitting a nomination. It will remain available for 7 calendar days (midnight on the 7th day) then will expire.

    To extend a nomination:

    • from Agent nomination, select Extend
    • at the Extend agent nomination screen, check the details of the agent are correct
    • complete the declaration and select Submit

    The agent nomination has now been extended for an additional 7 calendar days from the time you submit the extend request.

    If a nomination has expired, you won't be able to extend it. You'll need to resubmit a new nomination.

    You can delete an agent nomination by selecting Delete.

    To cancel authority of a tax professional, contact us.


    You can view Associates of the business by selecting Associates from the Profile menu.

    To update authorised contacts, select update. Authorised contacts with a relationship of 'ABR' can be updated through the Australian Business RegisterExternal Link.

    Financial institution details

    To view Financial institutions details for an account, select Financial institutions details from the Profile menu.

    You can add, update, or delete details for the selected account.

    Manage card details

    Maintain your cards for future payments by selecting Manage card details from the Profile menu. From here you can:

    • view your stored cards
    • add up to three cards for future use
    • update stored card details
    • delete stored cards.

    To update card details for an existing payment plan:

    • select Manage card details from the Profile menu
    • view your stored financial institution details or stored credit or debit card
    • update the details if applicable.

    Select Add to add a new credit/debit card, or click on the arrow to the right of a stored card to Edit or Remove your card details.

    Information is available about how to Set up a payment plan.

    Add, update or cancel a tax type

    Online services for business allows you to manage the different types of tax your business is registered for.

    By choosing the Profile menu and selecting Tax registrations from the drop-down menu, you can add, update or cancel:

    • goods and services tax (GST)
    • income tax withholding (ITW – also known as PAYG withholding or PAYGW)
    • luxury car tax (LCT)
    • wine equalisation tax (WET)
    • fuel tax credits (FTC).

    To add a tax type:

    • at 'Current registrations' select Add 
    • select Registration tax type from the drop-down menu
    • type the details as prompted
    • select Next 
    • review the summary
    • select the declaration then Submit.

    To update a tax type:

    • select Update next to the relevant tax type to be updated
    • type the required updates
    • select Next 
    • review the summary
    • select the declaration then Submit.

    To cancel a tax type:

    • select Cancel next to the account type to be cancelled
    • type the date the cancellation takes effect and select the reason for cancellation
    • select Next 
    • review the summary
    • select the declaration and then Submit.

    SMSF auditor details

    SMSF auditor details can be entered in this screen for use in the Auditor Contravention reports (ACR) and Audit complete advice (ACA) forms.

    Details entered here will only be used to pre-populate ACR and ACA forms and will not be used to update details with the ATO or ASIC.

    Up to 100 different SMSF auditors can be saved.

    To add an auditor:

    • Click Add
    • Enter a valid SMSF auditor number
    • Enter auditor first name and surname
    • Enter at least one contact number; phone, or mobile number
    • Start typing the auditor's postal address and select the correct address from the drop-down list as it is presented – ensure the address is validated.
    • Click Save

    To edit an auditor:

    • Select the auditor that requires editing
    • Click Edit
    • Change any fields – note the SMSF auditor number cannot be edited
    • Click Save

    To delete an auditor:

    • Click the delete icon next to the auditor you wish to delete
    • Select Yes 'Are you sure you want to delete'

    For more information, see Taxation registrations.

    Last modified: 05 Dec 2022QC 65239