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  • Create your myGov account and link it to the ATO

    Steps to create a myGov account and link to the ATO if you are an individual or sole trader and want to use ATO online services.

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    Watch: How to create a myGov account and link to the ATO

    Media: How to create a myGov account and link to the ATO External Link (Duration: hh:mm)

    Create a myGov account

    A myGov account lets you link to a range of Australian Government services.

    When you create a myGov account:

    • use an email address that only you have access to, not a shared email
    • add your Australian mobile number to receive SMS security codes to sign in.

    If you skip the step to add an Australian mobile number you must set up the myGovID appExternal Link or the myGov Code Generator appExternal Link to link to the ATO.

    Next steps:

    This information is also available in an Easy Read format – How to link your myGov account to your tax and super.

    When you can't log in to myGov

    If you can't log in to myGov because you:

    Link to the ATO

    Before you link to us:

    Linking steps

    To link to our online services, follow these steps:

    • Sign in to your myGovExternal Link account.
    • Select the Services tab on the myGov home page.
    • Under the heading Link a service select Australian Taxation Office.
    • Select Questions specific to you and answer two questions about information relevant to your tax record.

    Most people can link online. If you can't, select the option Use a linking code and then phone us to get a unique linking code.

    Sign in

    You can sign in to your myGov account using the following options:

    • myGovID app
    • SMS codes with your myGov username and password
    • myGov code generator app with your myGov username and password (only recommended if you don’t have an Australian mobile number or have limited mobile reception or are travelling overseas).

    If you want to change how you sign-in to myGov, go to Account settings, select Sign in options and follow the prompts.

    Using myGovID to sign in to myGov

    Your myGovIDExternal Link is an app you download to your smart device that proves who you are when signing in to myGov.

    myGovID makes signing in to your myGov account:

    • flexible – you can still use your current myGov sign-in option or myGovID to sign in, helping you avoid losing access to your account when using other sign in options
    • secure – your personal information is encrypted and verified against existing government records, making it the most secure way to sign in to myGov.

    You can connect your myGovID to your myGov account when you're signed in to myGov. Go to Account settings, select Digital Identity and follow the prompts.

    Once connected, you can start using your myGovID with your myGov account. Find out more at Using myGovID with myGovExternal Link

    Use the ATO app to access ATO online services

    Once you've created your myGov account and linked to the ATO, you can download the ATO app to use our online services from a secure browser.

    Sign out – don't unlink

    When you have finished using ATO online services, sign out of myGov by selecting:

    • Return to myGov
    • Sign out – from the myGov page.

    This will end your active sessions with all linked services. You don't need to unlink.

    If you do unlink, you must relink to us to access:

    • ATO services using myGov
    • our messages in your myGov Inbox.
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