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  • Your securities (share and unit) records in ATO online

    You and your tax agent can access third party data that we hold on shares, stapled security and unit transactions through ATO online services.

    Downloads available in our online services contain data records reported to us in a standardised form. These records are made available to help you comply with your tax obligations relating to shares, stapled securities or unit holdings.

    Do not rely only on the information provided in these records. You must review your own records to verify that the information provided is complete and correct. Our information may be incomplete because:

    • an organisation has not supplied data yet
    • our processing has not been completed
    • we have received data that could not be matched to you with high confidence
    • the data did not pass all validation processing checks.

    Review the Transaction Type and Transaction Description columns in your data download to see if you have to report and pay tax on your securities. For instructions on how to work out which securities have been sold see Identifying when shares or units are acquired. For more information on the other records in the data download see Understanding your data download report.

      Last modified: 30 Nov 2020QC 60687