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  • ATO and the myGov Inbox

    If you've linked us to your myGov account, most of your ATO mail will now come directly to your myGov Inbox, rather than through the post. This is to help you manage your tax and super affairs in one place and make record keeping easier and more secure.

    If you have a tax agent or BAS agent managing your affairs, they may ask you to choose where we send your ATO communications and set your communication preferences. Where you have chosen to have mail come directly to you, it will be sent to your myGov Inbox if you have linked to us. Where you have chosen for your mail to be sent to your agent, your mail will be sent to Online services for agents.

    You can view most communications we have sent to you, or your agent on your behalf, in your Communication history in ATO online services.

    The types of ATO communications you may receive in your myGov Inbox include:

    • notices, such as notices of assessment
    • statements of account
    • confirmation and reminder notices
    • activity statements or instalment notices.

    Due to legal and privacy requirements, we'll send digital communications containing personal information (such as a tax file number) to your myGov inbox rather than your email account.

    If you don’t have a myGov account linked to us, you will continue to receive your ATO mail via the post, or your tax or BAS agent will receive it digitally in Online services for agents or via the post.

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    Using your myGov Inbox

    The information below explains more about using the ATO messages in your myGov Inbox.

    New message notifications from myGov

    You will get email or SMS notifications from myGov to let you know when there are new messages in your myGov Inbox. The default setting for notification is email.

    To change your Inbox notification preference, log-in your myGov account, select the Account Settings icon and select Inbox notifications.

    Format of ATO messages in your myGov Inbox

    Our messages in your myGov Inbox may contain:

    • an opening message
    • a link to your ATO mail, such as your notice of assessment or your statement of account – clicking the link will take you to your letter in a PDF format
    • links to our online services to allow you to perform online transactions, such as viewing your account, making payments, or lodging activity statements.

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    Other messages direct from us

    If your mobile phone number or email address is on your ATO record, you may also get SMS messages or emails directly from us reminding you of important dates or asking you to contact us.

    If you receive an SMS or email that you think is fraudulent, you can report it by sending an email to

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    Your tax or BAS agent

    If you use a tax agent or BAS agent, they will be able to see a copy of the digital letters, SMS messages and emails that we have sent to you in their online services.

    Replying to messages

    You can't reply to your myGov messages.

    Saving and printing your mail

    You can save or print your mail for your own records.

    People with vision impairment

    If you have vision impairment and use adaptive technology, you may not be able to access ATO letters sent through myGov. We are working to fix this.

    People with vision impairment can call us for help on 13 28 61.

    Going back to paper mail

    If you have a myGov account linked to us, you will automatically receive your ATO mail via your myGov Inbox.

    If your circumstances mean you need to receive your ATO mail through the post, call us on 13 28 61.

    Unlinking the ATO from your myGov account

    If you unlink us from your myGov account, you will no longer be able to see:

    • ATO messages in your myGov inbox
    • mail we have sent to your agent in your Communication history in ATO online.

    However if you relink you will be able to see the ATO messages you previously received to your myGov inbox and the mail we have sent to your agent.

    Help with your myGov Inbox or ATO messages

    For problems with the myGov Inbox:

    For questions about an ATO message you have received, call us on 13 28 61.

    If you do not speak English well and need our help, call the Translating and Interpreting Service on 13 14 50.

    If you are deaf, or have a hearing or speech impairment call us using the National Relay ServiceExternal Link.

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