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  • Minimum system requirements

    Check the minimum system requirements for using our online services.

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    Online services with minimum system requirements

    For the best experience when using our online services, your device should meet our minimum system requirements.

    These minimum system requirements apply to our online services for:

    • individuals and sole traders (accessed through myGov)
    • foreign investors
    • business
    • tax and BAS agents
    • non-resident businesses using our simplified online GST registration system.

    Check your system

    You can quickly check your system and settings using our online services minimum requirements system check.

    When accessing our online services using myGovID and Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) or AUSid, additional requirements may apply.

    Check your system

    Supported browsers

    For the best experience and improved online security, we recommend using one of the supported browsers:

    Changes to supported browsers

    Table 1: Online services – supported desktop browsers



    Google ChromeExternal Link

    Current stable version and current Extended Stable Release (ESR) version

    FirefoxExternal Link

    Current stable version and current Extended Stable Release (ESR) version


    Current public version and prior two versions

    Microsoft Edge

    Current stable version and current Extended Stable Release (ESR) version

    Table 2: Online services – supported mobile browsers



    Mobile Safari (iOS)

    Current public version and prior 2 versions

    Chrome for Android

    Current public version and prior 2 versions

    Other system requirements

    You may also need to check the following settings on your device when accessing our online services.

    Table 3: Online services – other system requirements






    Update this in your browser settings.



    Update this in your browser settings.

    Internet speed

    Download > 0.5Mbps

    Slow internet speeds may result in services running slowly or timing out.

    Ad-blocker software


    Anti-virus software


    Browser add-ons

    You may need to adjust the settings of your software or browser add-ons to allow our online services to load correctly.

    This may involve whitelisting or adding an exception for the domain.

    Network settings (for example, firewalls)

    Ensure the domain is not blocked.

    If you don't have access to update these settings (for example, you're using a public computer or wi-fi network), try a different device or a different network.

    For help or support meeting these minimum requirements see Troubleshooting common errors and issuesExternal Link.

    Using browser add-ons

    Browser add-ons that block ads or trackers may have an unintentional impact on our online services.

    For example, some ad-blockers block content based on certain key words (such as ‘ad’ or ‘advertising’). MyTax references occupation types that contain these words for example, 'advertising manager'. This means that the ad-blocker may misinterpret 'advertising manager' as advertising content and prevent myTax from loading.

    Your browser add-on may also identify components of our online services as trackers. Common components we use include:

    • Google analytics/Google tag manager – we use Google analytics to understand how our online services are being used so we can make improvements as needed. No identifying information is collected (see Web browsing records – ATO privacy policy).
    • Qualtrics Site Intercept – we use this to ask you to complete surveys and submit feedback about our online services.
    • – this is not a tracker and is required for our online services. You won't be able to use our online services if this is blocked.
    • – this is used to support the webchat feature in myTax.
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