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  • Resource 5: problem solving scenario – instructions

    This resource is for Years 3-4, Topic 2 – Fairness and equity, activity titled Distributing resources – group problem-solving.

    Along with this accessible version, which you can either print or use online, we also have the same resource available as a PDF – Resource 5: problem solving scenario – instructions (PDF, 89KB)External Link.

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    This problem-solving task is to be completed by a group of 5 students.

    1. You have been given a character card that tells you how much money you have been allocated.

    2. Each character must buy their own:

    • pencil
    • eraser.

    3. The group must buy

    • „one big notepad
    • „one pen
    • „one ruler.


    Each character:

    • must finish with $2 of their own money
    • can contribute to buying items for the group
    • cannot give other characters money.

    How to succeed

    As a group, work out how the money will be used so that each character has a pencil and eraser and $2 left, and each group has a note pad, pen and ruler.

    Cost of items

    Each character needs



    1 pencil


    1 eraser


    Each group needs



    1 big notepad


    1 pen


    1 ruler



    How much did each character spend:

    • Kiandra
    • Darwin
    • Callington
    • Diamantina
    • Indigo

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