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  • Jobs and employment types

    When you start working you need to work out what type of worker you are, such as, if you're an employee or contractor. Whether you’re a contractor or an employee could change for each job you do.

    If you're an Australian resident for tax purposes and leave Australia to work overseas you may need to declare foreign income.

    Working as an employee
    Check if you're an employee, what rights you have and what obligations your employer has, such as deducting tax from your pay or paying super contributions.

    Working as a contractor
    Check if you're a contractor or employee and if you need to register for an ABN or certain tax roles.

    Employee or contractor – what's the difference
    Find out what the main differences between employees and contractors are so you can make a decision about your employment type.

    Working overseas
    Find out if you need to declare your income if you work outside of Australia.

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